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Posted on February 17, 2014 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (7)

This picture is how we became "Creative." I really love this picture of Melissa and I. I've always wanted to attend a Paint Nite but was never able to because life happens. I am a Groupon addict and was thrilled to see something like Paint Nite in our area. I had purchased 2 tickets as a gift for Melissa for Christmas. We attended Paint Social Art and had an amazing time. Pam was guiding. She was very helpful and a fabulous instructor. The vibe and atmosphere was awesome. Melissa and I walked out 2 hours later with a work of art.  We were both  totally inspried by our 2 hour experience. With our background and knowledge, our light bulbs turned on, and agreed we could have our own little business.. BAM!!! Here we are.  It's all worked out so fabulosly and everything has fallen too perfectly into place. 

As a business professional, but more so an art enthusiast, I encourage everyone to try different businesses and instructors. We both aren't looking to become millionares because we truly LOVE what we do. Art has always been our life.  I don't consider anyone competition because we are all so different. Teaching styles varies. Wit and charm is never the same. Our doors are always open to any business. Let's paint the world vivid! I belive we can!!!!

10 Year Old Girl

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Today my pre-teen daughter told me she loved me for now reason and out of the blue... Yes, it's a common jesture from a daughter to a mother and even easier from a mother to a daughter. But it warmed my heart today because right after she told me she loved me, she said it's just because and that she did not want anything in return. Just as I thought she was beginning to not want my affection any longer, she reassured me that she still does. 

She's turning into a young lady. I see her physically changing. She gets taller every morning she climbs down from the top bunk. She's nearly the same size as me... She grunts and rolls her eyes every time I ask her to do a simple task. She think's the clothes I buy her are uncool...She likes anything bright and bold. Anything that is a silent attraction is her forte. She's beginning to enjoy the arts. She's becoming herself and turning into her own person. I never thought she could make me laugh by her smart and witty remarks. She's a quick thinker. When did my little girl start turning into a charming young lady....

Even though she is changing, I still see her as a hyper and energetic toddler. People were right. I will still she my blooming pre-teen as my baby even when she grows old. 

Yes, I'm Obesessed!

Posted on December 31, 2013 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (0)

There are too many things that I am passionate about.  My husband says I have an addictive personality and that would probably explain my behaviors. Of course, I would never admitt that to him... but why would I??? He's my husband!!!

I am truly passionate about my children. All 3 of them. A little obsessed actually. I would be fibbing if I said I wasnt living through my children. but I mean that in the most positive ways possible. I just want to be able to experience what a normal childhood should have been like. You must gather that I didn't have the best upbringing. My family is more than disfuntional. I sometimes wonder if I could have been switched at birth!!! But I'll leave that for another day. Anyone that knows me, knows I do NOTHING half way and go all out. Down to my frilly Xmas cards I sent my friends and family!!! :P This includes my children. I go above and beyond just to make them look like your average children. (not because they aren't average) But because I am a perfectionist. I try too hard to try to not be working hard. I enjoy when my girls are busy with activites..... swimming, soccer, clalrient, dance, dance, dance, indoor soccer, band, cheer,even pageants, etc, etc, I would be thrilled if the list continued, even if it drivess me insane!!! YES, I know...I'm PHYSCO!!! I'll be the 1st to admitt it!!! Don't worry, my girls are not pressured into doing anything they don't want to!!! I'm just  trying to breed more well-rounded children to contribute to the future of tomorrow. You're welcome!!!

I am obssessed with products!!! Espeically if they are free!!! Today I got a free sample of caramel macchiato made by Gevalia for the Keurig machine and I was so amazed that it actually had real "froth!!!" A must try!!! Sign up for free samples at to subscribe to random products that get delivered right to your doorstep for NOTHING!!! Really NOTHING!!! !!! I love getting packages in the mail, and if I didn't have to pay for it---EVEN BETTER!!! I still love the ones I do purchase! I have a variety of products in my bathroom. I have lotions of every scent. I go to Bath & Body Works now just to shop the deals, since they have so many. I find that i don't enjoy the products as much as when they were pricer... It used to be a novelty now its just too common! BLAH!!! On to the next obsession PUUHH-LLLEEEESSSE! 

Welcome to my world! I'm glad you want to be part of it! Beware...It get's addicting...