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Yes, I'm Obesessed!

Posted on December 31, 2013 at 1:25 AM

There are too many things that I am passionate about.  My husband says I have an addictive personality and that would probably explain my behaviors. Of course, I would never admitt that to him... but why would I??? He's my husband!!!

I am truly passionate about my children. All 3 of them. A little obsessed actually. I would be fibbing if I said I wasnt living through my children. but I mean that in the most positive ways possible. I just want to be able to experience what a normal childhood should have been like. You must gather that I didn't have the best upbringing. My family is more than disfuntional. I sometimes wonder if I could have been switched at birth!!! But I'll leave that for another day. Anyone that knows me, knows I do NOTHING half way and go all out. Down to my frilly Xmas cards I sent my friends and family!!! :P This includes my children. I go above and beyond just to make them look like your average children. (not because they aren't average) But because I am a perfectionist. I try too hard to try to not be working hard. I enjoy when my girls are busy with activites..... swimming, soccer, clalrient, dance, dance, dance, indoor soccer, band, cheer,even pageants, etc, etc, I would be thrilled if the list continued, even if it drivess me insane!!! YES, I know...I'm PHYSCO!!! I'll be the 1st to admitt it!!! Don't worry, my girls are not pressured into doing anything they don't want to!!! I'm just  trying to breed more well-rounded children to contribute to the future of tomorrow. You're welcome!!!

I am obssessed with products!!! Espeically if they are free!!! Today I got a free sample of caramel macchiato made by Gevalia for the Keurig machine and I was so amazed that it actually had real "froth!!!" A must try!!! Sign up for free samples at to subscribe to random products that get delivered right to your doorstep for NOTHING!!! Really NOTHING!!! !!! I love getting packages in the mail, and if I didn't have to pay for it---EVEN BETTER!!! I still love the ones I do purchase! I have a variety of products in my bathroom. I have lotions of every scent. I go to Bath & Body Works now just to shop the deals, since they have so many. I find that i don't enjoy the products as much as when they were pricer... It used to be a novelty now its just too common! BLAH!!! On to the next obsession PUUHH-LLLEEEESSSE! 

Welcome to my world! I'm glad you want to be part of it! Beware...It get's addicting...

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