Creative Martini & Paint Club

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Customer Testimonials

"It was a great time. You don't need to be an artist to create something beautiful. I have never painted anything, EVER, and I was surprised how great my painting looked!" -Veronica  

"The evening at Sok's flew by in an instant. We all had created beautiful paintings. No two were the same, which is extremely important. Phim and Co. supplied everything. All we needed to bring was our will to touch brush to canvas. INCREDIBLE!"
 - Lori

"I was amazed how well I was able to follow the painting. Phim kept the instructions very simple and Melissa helped with any problems anyone had. Thank you guys for a great night!"  -RC 


"Just went to my first Paint Club night and had a blast. Everyone's paintings came out great! Thank you Phim and Melissa!!" -Sarah